New ideas of the Internet era

  "Customer" refers to a group, With the rise of the network of the new culture, "customer concept" has been increasingly strengthened, which happens to coincide with the market positioning of GUCEE "young, fashion, individuality. (GUCEE) brand to focus on innovation and quality, designed and manufactured a variety of computer peripheral products, allow people to better enjoy the fun of the IT world. From the camera, it provides an interactive medium, a more intuitive way to interact. Now GUCEE is the camera chieftains within the global leader and constant innovation, continuous improvement to develop a wide variety of computer-derived products to meet consumers higher level needs.

  Self-perspective comfortable innovation

  From the early days, we will be extended to a computer outside of the field of product design expertise, advanced technology equipment to convergence between computers or video games, digital music, family entertainment system that last one in. "distance. GUCEE R & D and manufacturing metal aluminum casing of the country’s first Bluetooth speaker set off quite a stir in the industry, small size, portability, and pure good sound, support mainstream genuine mobile phone, computer, MP3, MP4, loudspeaker output etc., the transmission is as far as 10 meters, and is the best choose for computer cool guys to enjoy the best wireless technology. GUCEE the field of innovation leadership is now covering a variety of personal peripherals (including wireless and wireline), will focus on the establishment of interactive computer products as well, Internet communications products, digital music and home entertainment control products.

  High specifications of the entertainment experience

  For each of our product categories, we are studying how our customers use their digital devices, and then our designers and engineers will focus on how to create a better user experience. For video interactive equipment, voice transmission by the network, signals and space needs, we create a super developed an epoch-making new - 2.4G high signal-to-noise wireless headphones with powerful anti-jamming capability, dual protection antenna to receive timely and accurate data within the mounted NICAM omnidirectional microphone is your voice calls, resonate powerfully. Give you a rich and interesting experience, efficient and convenient to use, comfortable and pleasant enjoyment is the power of our untiring pursuit.