18X optical zoom, HD 1080P, Electric PTZ, HDR, 3D Noise Reduction

This USB PTZ camera is designed for computer-based video-
conferencing and live stream apps. It uses a standard USB 2.0
connection,there is only one cable to plug in, and it’s plug and play. so
no extra power,control cables or drivers are needed. Just enable the
camera through your operating system or app to use.

With HDR Tech, electric PTZ, 18 optical zoom, 3D noise reduction and
HD 2 megapixel image, it provide a supreme experience . The
motorized pan, zoom, and tilt functions allow it to zoom in or out
when needed with the touch of a button on the remote control.

Single-handed controlled by one person.
  • G06-18X
  • G06-18X
  • G06-18X
  • G06-18X
  • G06-18X

Main features